Our Products

Fresh Truffle

During the months of June, July and August we can supply fresh truffle for regular supply, or a one off occasion.

Subject to availability.


Trimmed Truffle

In an ideal world, all truffles would be perfect, round and undamaged, but the reality is we do have 'factory seconds'. These are not quite the right look to sell into the premium restaurants but they are just as aromatic and flavourful. We hate to see our damaged crop go to waste so sell these as trimmed truffle. The quality is still excellent and the aroma amazing.

Subject to availability


Truffle Salt

A must-have in a truffle lover's cupboard. Truffle Salt has a long shelf-life so you can enjoy the flavour of truffle long after the winter truffle season has finished.

Our Truffle Salt contains:

  • Marlborough flake salt + 10% Perigord Black Truffle. 

  • No added extra aroma or fake flavours. 

Just pure truffles and salt.

Available for bulk or individual purchase.