The Truffiere

These truffles are native to an environment with soils rich in limestone so this is what makes our site in North Cantebury perfect for growing them. The farm sits on a slope along the Amuri limestone ridgeline meaning our Rendzine soils are rich in limestone. This combination of soil and North Cantebury's warm, dry climate helps produce truffles as good as the quality of those grown in France.

How do I know it's a truffle?

The Périgord Black Truffle has a rough, bumpy and black exterior. Once cut open they display a complex, black and white marbled pattern adding to its exquisite nature.


The Harvest

Truffles form underground after summer rains. They remain hidden until autumn when cooling conditions cause them to start ripening. We harvest anytime from June to the end of August. Gavin Hulley and Sophie, our truffle dog, have both developed a keen sense of smell for truffles and are the lead harvesters at Amuri Truffles. Sophie begins by leading the way with her nose on the ground and locates the hidden truffles with the tap of a paw. It is then Gavin’s job to check if they are ripe for harvest. Truffles are very discreet and grow beneath the surface, this means you need a well trained team for a successful harvest.


There are countless ways to incorporate truffles into dishes. The aroma is so potent the tiniest amount can transform a dish. It can be sliced, grated or infused. Through our strong ties with chefs from some of New Zealand's top restaurants, they are happy to share some of their favourite and well recommended recipes..



The Founders

The trees for our truffière were planted in 1997 and started producing truffles in 2004. The truffière is owned by Gavin Hulley, Georgette Wang and Chris Pratt. Amuri Truffles is the trading name for GGC Truffles Ltd.


The truffière is managed by Gavin and Anne Hulley and our ever-important truffle dog, Sophie.


We called ourselves Amuri Truffles, as we felt this reflected the unique quality the limestone of the area in which they grow gives our truffles.